Sas Zombie Assault 3: EPIC OUT OF MAP GLITCHES!!!

How to get out of EVERY map on Sas 3… Enjoy it now while its still not fixed! (because they will probably soon figure out how to fix it) Credit to: thedraganoid345 www.youtube.com Plz Subscribe to us for more Sas and other gaming!


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  1. Bleah666666 says:

    i check this not

  2. Bleah666666 says:

    Das kapier ich nich :(

  3. Vipar557 says:

    @tf2tworules Well… then it’s pretty coincidential how EVERYONE i play with in SAS 3 knows how to do the hack… -.o

  4. tf2tworules says:

    @Vipar557 It seems like a hack. Everyone I know says its a hack. If it is a connection problem then why is it that the person is totally invincible and they dont lag even a bit? Trust me it is a hack. My friend can do it.

  5. Vipar557 says:

    @tf2tworules Oh, that’s what you call a Connection Problem :) SAS 3 is still in beta so i guess the servers still ain’t that good

  6. tf2tworules says:

    How do some people move around while their still dead and they shoot? They are invincible and ar touch proof. They can make zombies follow them and make them stay. Hack? Do you know how to do any of these except out of map?

  7. rgmandratpm says:

    @stopcrazy444 i know what your talking about, but unfotunately theres no way back in

  8. stopcrazy444 says:

    i figured out how to get out of karnival and walk around all of that map on the outside……….. but how do u get back in?

  9. rouge13108 says:

    @rgmandratpm Your saying it’s just lagg and I believe you but sometimes a guy will run out of the map and the zombies are following him out of the map. on top of that one time every zombie left in the match ran away from the farmhouse 0_0 about 35 secs later they came back…

  10. rgmandratpm says:

    @122Purplelover no what your seeing is lag…it happens in alot of games ( and even if it looks like the people are out of the map, it still a lag or framerate problem)

  11. 122Purplelover says:

    @rgmandratpm well if it is patched there must be another way cause i still see people doing it

  12. 122Purplelover says:

    @rgmandratpm what song is that in the begging?

  13. nfsfanAndrew says:

    @re5owns678 you can earn free coins though. thats mostly what i did

  14. nfsfanAndrew says:

    i found a lil glitch with powerup weapons. if you finish the level holding the powerup weapon you’ll have it in your next game.

  15. TheCrazymonkey501 says:


  16. TommyLee3623 says:

    @re5owns678 buy the M41 Assault Rifle =D, Or buy the PP-19 Bizon SMG =D

  17. rgmandratpm says:

    @TheAmandahd its patched now (meaning it doesnt work anymore) but i have alot of other glitch videos you can check out

  18. TheAmandahd says:

    what buttons cant hear him someone reply

  19. faceLoLROFL360 says:

    add xX_DARK_RECON_Xx

  20. re5owns678 says:

    @CPPO12 oh im not a fag who spends money on this game

  21. CPPO12 says:

    karnivals the easyest one wen i started i figured out how i was like oh im gonna hide in the corner than i got out :P

  22. CPPO12 says:

    @re5owns678 its easy you just get a rpg and blow the shit out of them!!!! :)

  23. adrianspiderquake says:

    this sucks

  24. xxcobraxvenomxx says:

    the devastator isnt fat the butcher is the devastator is all muscle lol

  25. NightWarriorswars says:

    I found out how to get out of karnival lol :D

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